Now Available on a searchable CD!

The new book, "Civil War Pension Records of Owsley County, KY Veterans", Volume I, is now available. Published by The Owsley County History and Genealogy Society (OCHGS), this book of transcribed pension records measures 8½" X 11" and is 505 pages, including a 16 page every-name-index. Its coil binding allows it to lay flat for ease of research. Volume I includes surnames A-B (see Table of Contents) and is formatted to resemble the original records. View a sampling of a pension record from the book.

The genealogical information you can find in these pages is invaluable. Some of the things you can learn about your ancestor, besides his service record, are where he lived before and after the war, who his neighbors and close friends were, where he was born and his physical description. You can also find when he died, what caused his death and possibly where he was buried. If he was living in 1897, 1898, or 1911, he was required to file a Family Report, naming his children and their birth dates, his wife (or wives) and their marriage, death, &/or divorce dates.

If his widow survived him, you may find the location and description of the property he left her, and a marriage and death record. Some pension files even have Certificates of marriage and death records, and copies of these are included in the book.

Besides all of these things, you may find historical tidbits, and possibly — family secrets.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your family history and about the early families of Owsley County, KY.

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